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Jeremy Turner, 536 Gallery, Canada
Jeremy Turner (b.1974 Victoria B.C., Canada - Lives in Vancouver). Turner is the founder and co-curator of the 536 Arts collective in Vancouver, Canada and co-curator for the Digital Pocket Gallery. In 2000, he developed the 536 Pocket Gallery concept which was inspired by an exchange of email correspondences with New York based artist Karen Roff dating back to 1997. As a result of correspondences like these, he named a gallery he ran in 1999 out of his apartment with Sang Nguyen in Vancouver called "The Pocket Gallery". He has a BA in Art History and Music Composition from the University of Victoria.

Since 1998, Turner has been creating, researching, and developing new virtual worlds through found software architectures, web-site templates, manufactured chat-rooms, modified interviews, revised literary text documents, compact audio discs and customized interactive kiosks. He usually prefer to collaborate with other artists rather than keep conceptual indulgences to himself. Formalistic explorations aside, he feels that the most rewarding creative experiences emerge from playful socializing.

Jess Loseby, Independent Artist, U.K.

Jessica Loseby is a new but established net.artist from the UK. She exhibits primarily on the net in galleries and exhibitions and at her own online gallery: Her work is also found in the Rhizome artbase. In England she has shown her digital prints nationally including a recent solo installation in central London. Her work centres around the cyber-domestic aesthetic. Is there room in the global arena that is the net for the small, the domestic and the whims of a neurotic woman? Mixing words and animation her work is often text based, sometimes using music and manipulated photographs to create narratives and skewed perceptions - reversing the view of the net telescope and narrowing the field of vision. Jessica Loseby is young(ish), has three children, one husband and no time…

Kanarinka & Pirun, iKatun, U.S.A.

Pirun and Kanarinka are the co-founders of iKatun, a non-profit intermedia collective in based in Boston MA, U.S.A. They get along really well.

iKatun's collborative artworks and performances explore questions of communication, information, and ideology. This frequently leads to examining the structures behind technology and the anatomy of messages and their transmission.