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The Digital Pocket Gallery: Net Artists respond to their Hard Drives...

April 1st to August 31st 2002
Submissions Deadline: July 31, 2002

Pockets contain miniature biographies and testaments to our lives and forgotten stories. The crumpled train ticket speaks of journeys taken, the handful of confetti in your 'best' jacket of a wedding years before or the telephone number on the back of a matchbook given by a someone
who's name and face is long forgotten. Files and folders are the 'digital pockets' of the internet artist. The hard-drive is an autobiography in coded form. Dreams, ideas and waste lie hidden in these cryptically labelled pockets that have become the maps and landscapes of our
virtual lives.

We invite you to empty your digital pockets for inspection (whether real or fictitious) for an online exhibition at

Submission Guidelines

1. A representation of the structure of your
computer file system must be incorporated in some way, either by screen shot (e.g. Windows Explorer) or artistic interpretation.
2) work can be any digital file that can be displayed on/transmitted through the web (image to html to flash to java to etc)
3) playfulness & inventiveness of rule #1 is encouraged
4) Work must be pocket-sized - under 50K

Please send your submission to:

Submission to be sent by July 31, 2002 please.

Artists have the option to supply one or all of the following to accompany their submissions:

homepage url
title of work
brief artist's statement

All works that meet the guidelines will be included in the exhibition.