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March 20th - July 6th, 2003 ==> Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts
info@blah: overload and organization


“info@blah: organization and overload” is an exhibit of regional and international artists working in media from drawing to net.art that explores systems-making as a response to information overload.

::::: In conjunction with the Boston CyberArts Festival :::::
::::: March 20 through July 6, 2003 :::::

::::: Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts :::::
Gallery hours: Wednesday & Thursday 12 - 5pm, Friday & Saturday 12 - 10pm, Sunday 12 - 5pm Free, and open to the public.

::::: Curated by iKatun, a Boston-based nonprofit collaborative :::::
presented as part of the Visiting Curators Program :::::

info@blah: overload
In daily life we travel through a sea of raw, unfiltered data which subtly and imperceptibly jockeys for primacy in our attention span and memory space. Sometimes we succeed in filtering out the noise, but often the chaos permeates our understanding in ways that are both conscious and unconscious.
This overload disrupts our fundamental processes of structuring and categorizing our world. The lack of synthesis and the absence of an "integrated conception of the world" plunges us into cognitive discord. The possibility for coherent meaning and authentic gesture seem diminished and possibly non-existent.
info@blah: organization
Creative responses are possible in the face of information overload. While works that fixate the viewer in a sea of random chaos are often posited as a response to this situation, info@blah features artists that propose to structure complexity through creating rules of organization.
Far from rigid, the organizational systems created by these artists showcase the wide range of responses to this phenomenon that are possible: from creating a system that subverts the logic of amazon.com to drawing imagined representations of communication between network nodes to inviting visitors to alter binary data by eating chocolate. Just as information comes in all shapes and sizes, physical and virtual, the artists in info@blah work in mediums ranging from drawing to video to installation to net.art.

iKatun is a non-profit collective of artists and technologists co-founded in 2000 by Kanarinka and Pirun.
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