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March 20th - July 6th, 2003 ==> Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts
info@blah: overload and organization


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To request an interview or gallery walkthrough with Kanarinka or Pirun

email: infoblah@ikatun.com

phone: 617.501.6538

BOSTON HERALD LIFESTYLE: "Art, technology interface well at 'info@blah'". Boston Herald Lifestyle. Net Life/by Stephanie Schorow Tuesday, May 6, 2003.
BOSTON GLOBE REVIEW: "Taming technology's overload with artful systems". Boston Globe. Cate McQuaid. Friday, May 2, 2003.
STUDENT UNDERGROUND REVIEW: "Blah Blah$ Artists Respond To Information Overload". The Student Underground. Renee Fidziukiewicz. Issue 43. Thursday, May 1, 2003.
BOSTON HERALD REVIEW: "Medium trumps message in info@blah". Boston Herald. Mary Sherman. Sunday, April 27, 2003.

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