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put a tiger in your tank
Corporation: exxon
Product: gasoline
Location: http://www.tvacres.com/adanimals_essotiger.htm
Collected On: 02-05-2005
Researcher: lisa
Language: english
English Translation: spanish=pongo un tigre en su tanka
Please suggest how one might go about performing this command as literally as possible.
  1. Buy a tank and a tiger. Combine.
  2. instead of inserting the gas nozzle into your car, insert a tiger stuffed animal
  3. get a glass tank with a stuffed tiger in it and present it to people
  4. adopt existing tank top knitting pattern to fit average sized tiger. wrap it up nicely, present it to tiger at christmas. tiger will have to wear your tank all day, even if it's embarassed and thinks tank tops are for "squares".
  5. fghkolpp
  6. Go to this website: http://www.alphakat.de/Welcome/welcome.html buy a biodiesel production plant. Go to the Zoo, steal a tiger. Kill the poor, defensless tiger. Make biodiesel. Put it in your VW. Get 44 + MPG! Sweet deal.


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