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Chart your own path
Corporation: The Wall Street Journal
Product: startupjournal.com
Location: Cambridge, MA   
Collected On: 02-20-2005
Researcher: The Institute for Infinitely Small Things -- Expedition #1
Language: English
Please suggest how one might go about performing this command as literally as possible.
  1. The image suggests altering the heirachy and technical lines between boxes representing employees. It is just a workplace restructing as happens with mergers and aquisistions
  2. Make maps of every route you take (including in your house, like a midnight trip to the bathroom). Publish your maps on the internet, or sell them on ebay.
  3. Have a dotted red line that appears on the ground following you everywhere, like an animated map in the movies
  4. GPS tracking
  5. Drag a hunk of chalk on a string.


The Institute for Infinitely Small Things