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Live in Linen
Corporation: Brooks Brothers
Product: Clothing
Location: Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD
Collected On: 04-10-2006
Researcher: Carolynne Wilcox
Please suggest how one might go about performing this command as literally as possible.
  1. Wear linen sheets and ONLY linen sheets long enough to eat some meals and poop.
  2. Find a demo bed in a store and have a nap or a meal in it
  3. Pack up and jet you and your family to Linen, IRL
  4. Mummify yourself
  5. Live in a house built of thread.
  6. genetically intermingle linen and your own dna
  7. occupy the corpse of a deceased soviet leader
  8. stuff monopoly money in the pockets to it falls out
  9. Name your house "Linen" and put up linen instead of wall papper (people do it...)
  10. feet
  11. eat only flaxseeds: linen is made from flax
  12. Sell your house buy some land make a marquee out of linen and move into it.
  13. Demolish your house and replace it with a linen marquee
  14. Wear some linen (not important what). Set up a boombox in front of Brooks Brothers. Grab the mic. "Live in linen, still sinnin' like a villain / CEOs grinnin' Brooks Brothers made a killin!'" and so on. Get live, woadayy!!
  15. Wear linen clothing and such. Set up a linen tent and sit inside it.


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