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change the way you look at color
Corporation: Nexus
Product: Aloxxi Chroma
Location: Central Square, Cambridge, MA   
Collected On: 03-09-2005
Researcher: The Institute for Infinitely Small Things -- Expedition: Rollover
Language: English
Please suggest how one might go about performing this command as literally as possible.
  1. wear glasses with colored lens
  2. Eye transplants, or perhaps more correctly the stuff behind the eyeball for which I was ignoring in physics
  3. Rename all the colors. Refer to red as blue, green as yellow, etc.
  4. I suggest psychedelic drugs...
  5. see different wavelengths of light
  6. Become a dog
  7. Stand on your head.
  8. Think to yourself: "Brunettes are dumb, blondes are smart, redheads are ugly and I never want to eat at their Y's."
  9. You mean, let just anybody drink at the same drinking fountain?


The Institute for Infinitely Small Things