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Accelerate your life.
Corporation: United States Navy
Product: Naval service.
Location: http://www.navy.com/
Collected On: 02-14-2005
Researcher: T. Cool
Language: English
Please suggest how one might go about performing this command as literally as possible.
  1. take lots of speed
  2. listen*
  3. listen
  4. VROOM!
  5. The end of life is death. To accelerate your life is to die sooner. Die sooner by joining the Navy.
  6. You Heard Me: Die!
  7. am proud to be associated with Medusind 'coz
  8. spend all your money and learn to fly a jet in a month, avoiding long Navy training
  9. do things faster for a day
  10. Stop waiting for the 'right moment'
  11. do your entire daily routine in a much shorter amount of time
  12. Use a chronometer to measure actions of your day. Display your performance on a public board, then try to beat your own record. Like: today i walked from here to there in 5min 6 sec and tomorrow i'll try to accelerate my pace and do it in a shorter time. Apply principle to cooking pasta (tomorrow i'll try to make edible pasta in a shorter time lapse) or whatever thing...
  13. Wear a jet pack. Use judiciously.
  14. Slow Down
  15. take it esay
  16. Nitris Oxide
  17. Jump off the Space Needle head first.
  18. Speed up, slow down, and/or change the direction of your life.


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